Sherpa Cafe
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OPEN 7 Days a Week-Lunch: 11am-2:30pm
                                 Dinner: 5pm-9:30pm


Crisp spiced wafer served w/ homemade dipping 
sauce - 1st order on us - additional orders.   $2.50

Vegetable Samosa
Two delicate, fresh made pastries filled with potatoes, peas & Indian spices.              $3.50

Saag Dip
Sherpa Roll
Lightly fried vegetable & panir (our homemade  
mild, white cheese) filled spring rolls          $3.50
Handmade, steamed Tibetan dumplings stuffed with your choice of fillings & Himalayan spices. Served with homemade chutney for dipping (also available fried).Vegetable Chicken Beef     $5.50

Momo Appetizer
Panir Pakora
Appetizers Combo
Delicious Indian creamed spinach spiced with fresh garlic, cumin & ginger with naan for dipping.  $6.00
Homemade mild, white cheese, coated in
spiced chickpea flour, lightly-fried.            $3.50

Sample plate of vegetable momos, Samosa, Sherpa Roll & Panir Pakora.$7.00

(Nepali lentil soup), tomato, egg drop & chicken
soup. By the cup…your choice.$3.00

Naan (Famous Indian Breads), are baked on the walls of our Tandoor 
oven & brushed with fresh butter. Your choices of toppings are:

Plain $1.50 Garlic, Cheese, or Onion $2.00
Seasoned Onions & Cheese $2.50 Garlic & Cheese $2.50 
Garlic, Onion & Cheese $3.00

Whole Wheat Flat bread baked in the Tandoor $2.00

Whole Wheat Flat bread stuffed with mildly
seasoned potatoes baked in the Tandoor $3.50

Whole Wheat bread deep-fried until puffed & golden brown$1.50

Aloo Paratha
Nepali And Indian Entrees
Aloo Gobi
Tofu Aloo
Kathmandu Sampler
Sherpa Delight
Tandoori Kabob
Tikka Masala
Jal Frezi
Tibetan Entrees
Tibetan Noodles
Sherpa Stew
Momo Platter
American And Kids Entrees
Chicken Fingers
Mac & Cheese
Tandoori Sandwich
Ice Cream
Soft Drinks
Hot Tea
Delicious, generous combination of chicken curry, lamb curry, saag, naan & kir.$19.50

Vegetarian platter of saag, vegetables, naan & kir. $12.50

Tofu, potatoes & peas in a flavorful tomato onion sauce.   $10.00

Potatoes and cauliflower in a mildly seasoned sauce $9.00
Aromatic Basmati rice cooked with choice of meat and vegetables, Himalayan spices, raisins, and cashews.
Vegetable: $9.50 Chicken: $11.50 Lamb: $13.50 Shrimp: $14.50

Spicy, dry rubbed meat or shrimp sautéed with cumin, fresh garlic, ginger, tomatoes and hot& bell peppers. 
Chicken $11.50 Lamb $13.50 Shrimp $14.50

Choice of meat marinated with fresh herbs and spices, cooked in our Tandoori oven.
Chicken: $11.50 Lamb: $13.50

Your choice of meats or fish cooked in a spicy tomato based sauce with a touch of lemon.
Chicken: $11.50 Lamb: $13.50 Shrimp: $14.50

Delicious platter of creamed spinach spiced with fresh garlic, cumin & ginger. Plain or with your choice of aloo (seasoned potato), tofu, panir, meat or shrimp Plain: $8.00 Aloo: $9.00 Tofu: $10.00  
Panir: $11.50 Chicken $11.50 Lamb $13.50 Shrimp $14.50

MMarinated meats roasted in the Tandoor finished in a mild tomato, yogurt sauce……….….Chicken $11.50, Lamb $13.50arinated meats roasted in the Tandoor finished in a mild tomato, yogurt sauce……….….Chicken $11.50, Lamb $13.50
Fresh vegetables alone or with your choice of boneless meats or shrimp seasoned with cumin & lemon then sautéed in a mild onion, tomato cream sauce
Vegetable: $9.50 Chicken: $11.50 Lamb: $13.50 Shrimp: $14.50

Your choice of vegetables or boneless meat in a fresh made, light cream cashew sauce, very mild.
Vegetable: $9.50 Chicken: $11.50 Lamb: $13.50 Shrimp: $14.50

Our traditional sauce of freshly ground spices and tomatoes prepared with your choice of vegetable, meat, or shrimp.
Vegetable: $9.50 Chicken: $11.50 Beef: $12.50  
Lamb: $13.50 Tofu: $10.00 Shrimp $14.50  

Platter of our handmade Tibetan dumplings either steamed or fried served with Dahl & homemade chutney 
for dipping. Vegetable $10.50 Chicken or Beef $11.50

Large bowl of vegetables,potatoes, homemade dumplings, spices & broth. Alone or with tender chicken, or Lamb. Served with naan.
Vegetable: $11.00 Chicken: $11.50 
Beef: $14.00 Lamb: $13.50 

Homemade noodles with vegetables alone or with your choice of tender, boneless meats sautéed in our fragrant spices. Vegetable: $10.50 Chicken: $11.50 Beef: $12.50  
Lamb: $13.50 Shrimp: $14.50

Large bowl of noodles & fresh vegetables in a flavorful broth Served with naan.
Vegetable: $11.00 Chicken: $11.50 Beef: $12.50 Lamb: $13.50

Tender pieces of chicken breaded and fried served with French fries.$5.50

A traditional mac & cheese served with French fries.$5.50

Sandwich Boneless chicken breast roasted tandoori style served with French fries. $7.50

Fresh Vanilla Ice Cream. $3.00
Homemade Indian style mango ice cream. $3.00
Homemade Indian sweet rice pudding with raisins & nuts. $3.00
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade, Iced Tea $1.50
Choose from our selection of packaged teas $1.50
Delicious blended fruit smoothie (Mango, Strawberry, Cinnamon) $3.00

Our homemade, authentic sweet milk tea made with herbs & fresh ground spices$2.00